SCAMAX M06 Series


SCAMAX M06 series document scanners can be upgraded both in terms of scan speed and performance grade, for example from bitonal to color or from 90 ipm to 120 ipm, or from simplex to duplex. Additionally, these scanners have exceptional performance relative to their price, with scan speeds from 90 ipm to 170 ipm (340 ipm duplex).

Performance Grades: SCAMAX® 403 SCAMAX® 413 SCAMAX® 423 SCAMAX® 433
Scan speed at 200/300* dpi ipm ipm ipm ipm
Simplex A4 Landscape 90 120 150 170
Duplex A4 Landscape 180 240 300 340

For further information about the SCAMAX M06 seriesFor further information about the SCAMAX M06 series

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